Computational Material Science


I am also studying electronic properties of specifically topological semimetals like Weyl semimetals. Weyl semimetals have nontrivial band topology with band crossing at the Fermi surface. There is plenty of place to tune various degrees of freedom to study phase transitions. Studying electronic band structure and Fermi surface would help experimentalists to understand the obsrvation of quantum oscillation data and also underlying interactions.

Present research interests

Two dimensional Dirac materials based on transition metals show novel electronic and topological properties due to subtle balance between magnetism and spin-orbit coupling. Dirac materials comes in both bulk and layered two dimensional form. Both leads to various interesting properties like quantum anomalous Hall effect, spin Hall effect or other linear and non-linear Hall effects. I am presently studying both bulk and layered two dimensional materials to predict the novel properties and understandying the underlying physics.

My research area focuses on studying electronic, magnetic and topological properties of correlated transition metal compounds. Studying different classes of compounds for understanding their electronic and magnetic properties has
been my main goal. There are many interesting phenomena observed in the experiment e.g., Metal-insulator transition, ferromagnetic insulator, half-metal, charge-density-wave etc. which is possible to get some insight using first-principles based density functional theory.



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